Dots & Chevron

Dots & Chevron

Wallis short top

Old Navy polka dot top

Dollhouse bow shoes

Miu miu handbag

Round scarve


Looking For……

Do you see this skirt here?


I am looking for something really similar. I want one in red and in a golden yellow color. Preferably not courdery though. Just a nice all-season fabric, not Jersey or ponte.  I have looked all over etsy, but can’t find something in that similar style.

Another hard thing I have to contend with is that my hips are wide, and most people don’t make custom sizing.

Please help! Where can I find someone that will make a skirt similar to that for me? I’ll even buy the fabric & notions! I also have a pattern that is similar that can be used. I’m just afraid of zippers and my sewing skills in general.



Michael Stars maxi dress

Jean jacket

K jacque

Becksöndergaard animal print scarve
$110 –